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i find it quite cool that i actually kinda have two names. in singapore, there are like the surnames which have two different pronunciations because of the english and chinese way of pronouncing it. and over here, most of us have both an english and chinese name. which makes it seem like a lot of us have two names, one in chinese and one in english. and for me, i have that as well, even though my english name isn’t registered in my birth certificate. so in school, i’m known by my chinese name; Zheng Jiayi. but to my friends, i’m known my english name; Melody Tay. And sometimes when people call me by my chinese name, i get real awkward because i rarely hear that name unless my teachers call me that.

and i’m just rambling on.

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Too tired to care. It’s time for bed. Just one more day and I’ll be free 💪💪💪


im loving this concept

I need 10000000000000